First Aid theory classroom course

The course

Often called First Aid at Sea, this course will teach you how to cope with medical emergencies on board, from minor ailments to serious situations that require an immediate response. Often seen as a somewhat dry and awkward subject, our instructors are both sailors/motorboaters and experienced first aiders/first responders - they will provide a serious but entertaining course.
  • An enthusiastic instructor who really wants to impart their knowledge to you.
  • A group of classmates who all want to learn.
  • With small class sizes you get a great learning experience.


The syllabus covers situations you are likely to encounter while at sea, with particular emphasis on resuscitation techniques and caring for a man overboard.  We also explain how to obtain outside medical assistance and what to expect when involved in a helicopter evacuation.  The certificate is valid for three years and is essential to everyone who sails.

You do not have to bring anything with you unless you wish to use your own equipment.  You will be provided with everything you need to successfully complete the course.

You may wish to wear clothing suitable for lying on the floor etc.

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